A Beautiful Breathwork Testimonial


I worked with a very special woman, who I’ve known for nearly 18 years. We did a virtual breathwork session and I was blown away by her courage to go deep. When I received this testimonial from her (just now), I was so moved by it that I had to make it into a blog, for people to read and to share as often as they like. This is so beautiful. I am so grateful for this practice, and that it created such a wonderful healing for my dear friend.


In the past year, I have experienced deeply traumatic events that have left me emotionally and physically broken, in ways I never imagined.  As my awareness to these traumas has surfaced, and presented themselves as unwelcome residual stuck pain and energy, I realized I needed to seek outlets for healing myself. My mind, body, and soul craved a safe conduit to free the emotional residue of my traumas.  My dear friend and breathwork practitioner, Tiffany, introduced me to the concept of guided breathwork and I was fully open to, and excited for, the opportunity to explore this practice.

Tiffany generously offered her gift of virtual guided breathwork within a loving and safe sanctuary with the use of candles, gentle music and sage smudging, and suggested comfortable positions with pillows to enhance the process.  As I lay back on my bed, I relaxed into my body as she explained what to expect during the session and in the following days after the energy is released. She is open, caring and intuitive and always reminds you she is with you to guide you through this journey. 

The actual breathwork healing process is based on rhythmic and patterned breathing, and at its base, were thirty magical moments of active powerful cleansing repetitive breaths. I lay with one hand on my belly and one on my heart to feel my natural breath. That transitioned into breathing a deep inhale to the belly, deep inhale to the heart, exhale breath through the mouth. Over and over, the process began to transport my body to its deepest levels.

There is a great power within ourselves to heal, and our breath is its engine.

As my steady breathing picked up steam, the repetitive inhale and exhale dance literally felt like my breath moved in harmony with the cells in my body.  As the session progressed and I relaxed and began to surrender to my thoughts and feelings, the flow began to take over my physical body. I began to feel tingling, circulating sensations throughout my body, swirling through my appendages, filling me with warmth. I was letting go. Letting go of energy that was no longer binding me. At one point, I felt a block of physical pain and heaviness move into my hips, a place women often store stress, as I understand. More integrated breaths followed and I literally felt a physical release of this leaden pain, as it moved its way out of my lower extremities. I was euphoric, and was actually giggling. I felt like a was floating, like a tiny microscopic bubble. 

The rush of oxygen and energy is a natural high, one I would greatly recommend. Post session, I was surprised and expected a heavy release of negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, I was actually happier and lighter and old noticed positive changes in some old unhealthy thought processes. Thus, a paradigm shift had begun. 

The hidden wounds inflicted from the traumas I endured were finally healing and releasing themselves from within the confines of my body. I am hopeful to continue healing with this practice and intend to continue daily with mini self-guided sessions and more intensively, with Tiffany. 

Throughout this incredible process, Tiffany provides a supportive and trusting guidance that transports our breath and allows our bodies' deepest desire to heal itself from within. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone open to letting go of emotions and traumas we longer want, need or desire within.

Kathy M., Grand Rapids, MI

tiffany curren