Breathwork Circles for You


Holding space is a privilege that I don’t take lightly.

When I hold space for someone, or for a group of people, I respect that I am making the space safe, keeping it grounded, and leading the breathers into a place where they feel safe to release, feel and heal.

My first experience of breathing in a circle was with Erin Telford (who is also my first teacher), at Sky Ting in Chinatown. I had experienced her online workshop, Sacred Terrain, and loved the way that she held space, so I knew that being in her circle would be wonderful. I had no idea, however, of the power that I would feel when breathing collectively, in a group. I was immediately hooked on the breathwork circle collective, and couldn’t wait to do it again.

There is magic that happens when a bunch of people come together to breathe, and each circle is different. Every person in the circle brings their own brand of energy, and that energy becomes part of the whole. I have experienced a number of circles since my first with Erin, and I’ve learned that some circles are better for me than others. I have a lot of healing that I continue to work through and find that I usually have a strong release. That said, I don’t jump into any circle or trust just anyone to hold space for me.

I am fortunate that I have a bunch of healers, locally, that I like to work with, and have been at THREE healing circles this week. I am overjoyed, full of gratitude and feeling very light, thanks to all of them. I invite you to come experience a circle (or lots of them!) with me, and my list of opportunities for you is extensive, reaching from South Carolina to Connecticut (click here to see complete current list). It would be my honor to hold space for you. In addition, I wanted to share who my favorites are, in case you are in their neck of the woods, or you wish to travel a little, to heal.

First of all, Erin, who isn’t local, is ALWAYS on my list. She is incredible and I’ve travelled as far as Vermont to breathe with her. She will be offering circles in NYC in March/April, and I highly suggest you get to at least one of them.

Krista Reid, breathwork healer from Ottowa, came to the States for a trip, and I was able to experience one of her circles. She is a steady, gentle leader who safely holds space to allow breathers to take a journey inward. She is introspective and soft, but also very strong and grounded. She’s got a strong sense of the energy in the room, and works to allow for optimal release and healing. If you are ever in Canada, or are looking to make the trip, she’s your girl.

Melissa Motzkin, breathwork healer in Brooklyn, has a special series of circles for mamas, but also holds an open circle at Jill Lindsey in Clinton Hill. It’s a straight shot through the tunnel and over the Brooklyn Bridge, easy parking, and is located inside the gorgeous store. It’s on the lower level of the shop, and walking down the steps, entering the space feels like you are in a sacred cove. It’s a cozy space. While I am dying to hit her mamas circle, I have had the pleasure of experiencing her circle at Jill Lindsey. I love the way she stays so grounded and holds such even space. Her mothering energy is warm and allowed me the opportunity to feel held. Additionally, she did some reiki, and that really just pulled everything together and pushed all the love into my heart.

Capricorn Rising, the duo Chris and Stephen, are a balm for the soul. The male energy is very supportive and strong, super grounded, but also open and allowing. I love the way that they hold space, because they work together, as a team. As one person is applying oil or burning sage, the other is guiding us through with verbal cues and monitoring our breath. In the amazing circle that I attended last night, I was grateful to hear Stephen say something that made me laugh, adding levity. It’s the perfect combination for allowing both intensity and joy.

Next week, I will be attending a circle facilitated by Lydia McClain in Hartford, CT. I am super excited to have this goddess of a woman hold space for me, and invite you all to take the drive and join me. More on that in the next post!

tiffany curren