California On Fire


As we landed at LAX, the pilot clicked on the speaker system and shared a message. His calm, pilot practiced tone informed that there were wildfires in Malibu, and that we should be aware of how they may impact our journey to our destination. We all know that California has wildfires, but hearing that news when you are landing in the area is always upsetting. Especially upon touching down for a weekend of love.

I knew that my stay in California wouldn’t be taking me to Malibu, and I thought that the fires would be contained and put out, in good time. I called home to mention it to my parents, who had been watching it on the news, unbeknownst to me. They began sharing what they’d seen, and I began to feel the gravity of the situation.

We rented a car and headed out to an Airbnb in Echo Park. As we drove, we began to notice the smoke hovering on the horizon. As we continued along the highway, we saw lit construction signs alerting drivers to roads that had been shut down, or were shutting down in the moment, as the fire continued to blaze.

We didn’t see much of it from Echo Park, but as I wondered aloud why the moon had gone from white to orange in a matter of miles, my husband explained it was the smoke.

We drove to Hollywood (maybe the Hollywood Hills, I’m not quite sure) so that I could go teach my Mind Body Melt class. One of the people there said, as we were setting up and talking about the fires, that they had to clean the soot out of our class space. The smoke was traveling and settling, quietly touching down in otherwise untouched spaces.

My class was held in a dreamy, serene space, with beautiful people who were breathing and meditating with me. As I led them through, I felt all that grounded energy and it helped me forget that Malibu was on fire.

I spent all of Saturday and Sunday at Roam Meditation Center, training with healers who have incredible intuition and a deep respect for Mama Earth. It felt good to be amongst so many connected people. We were led by David Elliott, whose warm confidence and loving spirit really stole a part of my heart. California was on fire, and there I was raising my vibration, which felt transformative to me. I connected to the earth so much more, knowing that a part of her was on fire. I connected to the pain that happens when life burns, when homes and their contents (photographs, momentos, etc) are destroyed, and trees that have existed longer than I have turn to ash. The wildlife gets displaced and has nowhere to go.

There is always darkness when there is light. California is beautiful. I don’t just mean visually, I mean energetically. There is so much creativity and spirituality, and the level of acceptance and inclusion is gorgeous. The destruction of land and property is always alarming, but here, with Malibu burning, it felt much more intense than I would have imagined.

Malibu has my heart. I want to do something to help. I have donated money and participated in special sales that give 100% of the proceeds back to Malibu. I thought that doing something personally could raise some money while also sending out the intention to help Malibu. Let’s keep the awareness flowing, and meditate on healing. I am choosing to offer a very special Mind Body Melt class to benefit One Love Malibu, and will give all the proceeds directly to them. Here’s a link to sign up: Choose Mind Body Melt, then look for the One Love Malibu listing. You can also see more about it on facebook by clicking here.

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