Concetta Bertoldi Answers Your Questions

After my conversation with Concetta Bertoldi was released on Access + Expand, so many people followed up with more questions. You can truly get all of your answers by reading her books, which I highly recommend. She was, however, kind enough to answer a few biggies here for you.

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TC: Are lay people able to communicate with the people they have loved and lost?

CB:  Everyone is able to communicate with the dead. It's just a matter of faith and embracing what you get back. It's not dialogue that is like how we speak here.  It comes in all kinds of ways, thought, signs, music, fragrance, numbers, etc. But they are all coming from the other side and it's a matter of embracing it and believing it and asking for it. 

TC: After knowing all that you know, are you afraid to die?

CB:  I am not afraid to die. I'm afraid, like anyone else, of how it will come to an end. However, I am not afraid to go back to the other place which I call home and this being Camp Earth.

TC: What was the most profound moment you’ve experienced as a medium?

CB: There are way too many for me to pick.  I would say the happiest ones that I had of course were from my mother, father, brother, and my friend Roy.  Knowing that they were communicating to me was personal and direct, so those are my favorite ones, but there are many profound ones for more than I can answer. 

TC: I want a reading with you. How can I book one?

CB:  You can call my office at  973-334-7719 on Fridays between 9am and 2pm to schedule an appointment.

TC: Are anniversaries of deaths important to the people who have passed?

CB:  The other side knows things that are important to us.  They don't forget their memories, they don't forget their past, so they do refer to things as anniversaries of things that are important to us still left on this side.  Are they important to them on that side?  Well, the answer is whatever is important to us, is important to them.

TC: What is the most common message you receive from people who have passed on?

CB:  We have not died. We love you more than you'll ever know.  We have all the answers we ever wondered about. And the most important one is they love to tell us God is real.  Trust and believe God is real for all of us.

Concetta Bertoldi is a vivacious medium and New York Times bestselling author who lives in New Jersey with her husband John.  Born with the inability to hear in one ear, Concetta has been communicating with spirits since childhood.  As an adult she embraced her abilities in order to share her gift and lift the spirits of others.

Concetta’s first book “Do Dead People Watch You Shower?” hit the New York Times bestseller list in 2008.  She followed that success with a sequel “Do Dead People Walk Their Dogs?” and “Inside the Other Side.”  She recently released her 4th book “I Kissed a Ghost (and I Liked It).” In this book, she shows us how to see evidence of ghosts and spirits in the world and how they can help someone understand their soul’s divine purpose. 

Concetta has been featured in TIME Magazine, seen on The Early Show on CBS, and appeared on The Real Housewives of NJ giving a reading to Melissa Gorga.  Globally renowned for sharing heartfelt messages from the Other Side, Concetta delivers live shows to standing-room-only crowds where her natural wit and compassionate energy entertains and provides comfort to every life she touches.  Concetta’s clients range from members of Britain’s royal family to Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and everyone in between.  She has a very long waiting list for private readings. 

Friday, September 27 @ 6:30 pm, Time to Consign, 520 Main St, Boonton, NJ

CONCETTA BERTOLDI TALKS TO THE OTHER SIDE: Saturday, September 21 @ 11:45 am, Best Western Fairfield Executive Inn, 216 US Hwy 46 East, Fairfield, NJ

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