Energy Matches (and Misses)


Energy matters.

So often, we walk into situations where our energy doesn’t match the energy of the space, place, or person. At that time, we should take notice and shift something. Usually, shifting out of the dynamic is the best idea.

Sometimes, we notice it and act accordingly, other times we ignore it.

I’ve been really awful at listening to the vibe that feels bad. I notice it, but having been taught not to trust my intuition or the vibe that I receive, I reason my way into bad situations, against my better judgement. I bend to the needs and expectations of the other people in the situation, and ultimately find that I wish I had just walked away.

You know, the Universe keeps sending us the lessons that we need to learn, until we learn them. I have experienced these lessons countless times. Every time I am met with a lesson regarding trusting the energy read (with regards to business), I fail. But this is going to be the last time.

Last year, I engaged in a fundraiser with someone who I knew I wasn’t aligned with, but I chose to proceed anyway. It turned out to be a huge mistake. Nothing went as planned, the flow of energy was choppy, and everyone — including the guests — noticed. After bouncing this off a really wise Buddhist friend, Jamie, we both realized that I knew (inside) from the start that this was doomed to fail… and that I should never again get into bed with the wrong person.

Sometimes, you need to get hit over the head with the same lesson, time and time again, until the bump gets too tender to be ignored. And this last whack was a real eye-opener. I’m done. Lesson actually, truthfully learned.

Here’s what’s shifting. As I meet people, I immediately feel an “ah yes” or a “nope”. It’s rare that I don’t get a clear read. I’ve been booking lots of events at different studios, both locally and out of the area. I am constantly meeting new people and needing to read the situation to decide if it’s a yes or a no. Today, I met a super yogi who immediately gave me the “ah yes” feeling. His space was warm and inviting, and I knew that working with him was going to be a total pleasure. On the flip side, I had an interaction with someone that felt choppy, disconnected and unbalanced. The “nope” was elbowing me in the gut, hard enough to cause myself a need to catch my breath. My heart rate increased and I felt completely unhinged by the interaction.

From now on, I’m trusting my gut. I’m saying “no” when I feel it’s a nope, even if it seems to be a bright shiny thing that I won’t want to miss. I’m saying “no”, even when people tell me I’m crazy not to jump at the opportunity. I’m saying “yes” when it feels right, when it feels aligned… even if it’s less money, or less glamourous, or not what other people think is a great idea. Ultimately, I have to experience and live with the consequences of my actions, and I will not walk myself into a bad situation anymore.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that my intuition is golden. I know. And what I know matters.

tiffany curren