Intention vs. Vibration


INTENTION. It’s the new buzz word. And the truth is, we can say, speak, and write about our intentions, but often, we are not aligned with them. When we intend for something to be, we need to vibrate in the energy as if it were already happening. But we don’t. Instead, we come from a place of lack, with the intention of living in a state of abundance. Abundant energy vibrates at a higher level than lack does, so when we focus on what we are lacking, that’s precisely what we get.

What we focus on, we find.

What is so interesting about breathwork, though, is that our intentions and vibration pretty much go for a ride, while our breath and subconscious mind do the work. We don’t need to be focused or aware, we just need to BE. As we allow the breath to move through us, breathing fresh energy into stuck spots, our minds try to get in on the process. Our ego seeks attention and validation. If we make the choice to continue with the breath and trust the process, our conscious mind takes a back seat to the energy work and we begin to experience healing. But we must first make that choice.

When we start to ride the edge, we have the luxury of choosing if we will stagnate and back down or, as my teacher, Erin Telford says, we can “take the brakes off” and move forward. It’s all within us. Our choice. Are you ready to let go?

I have heard people say they are nervous about breathwork, or that they are afraid of the way it could make them feel. But the truth is that anything we might experience comes from within. It is our breath activating our mind and our body. We are just peeking inside at the stuff that’s hiding in the corners. It’s nothing we can’t handle because it’s ours. We created it, we experienced it, and we are the ones holding it hostage in our bodies. It’s time to let it all out, wouldn’t you agree?

My job, during a breathwork circle or session, is to stay really grounded and hold strong, supportive and safe space for everyone. I trust the universe to support our circle, to allow a safe space for healing to occur, and that is something that I really take responsibility for.

I believe that 2019 is going to be a big year. The tide is shifting and we are collectively choosing to become enlightened and empowered. We are ready to peel back the layers of our experiences. Breathwork is a quick path to freedom. It’s simple, but it isn’t always easy. However, when we choose to show up and be present in our lives, using the practice of breathwork will show us the way home.

tiffany curren