Making Space


I never could have predicted that I would be writing a blog post about this topic today. And I can most certainly say that I didn’t predict I’d be writing it, even, this year. But here I am, so here I go.

I have a lot to be grateful for. Grateful for all I’ve been offered, grateful for all that I am doing, and also grateful for the ability to change directions. When I was in Los Angeles teaching and training, I really found my heart. It’s with my Mind Body Melt class. It’s with breathwork. Los Angeles brought me into alignment.

I have been doing a lot of things lately. Since July, I’ve been teaching yoga classes at Rock River Yoga: Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, and in September, I added Yoga Sculpt to the mix. I teach my Mind Body Melt class (a class that was inspired by a personal meditation that I did) that incorporates all that I am passionate about — meditation, movement and breathing — on Tuesday nights at RiversEdge Holistic Health & Wellness in Boonton. (I love this class so much.) In addition, I facilitate private 1:1 breathwork healing sessions, and group breathwork circles. I have been blessed with the opportunity to do breathwork circles once a month at Nirvana Wellness Center in Montville, and I’m also traveling to other studios to facilitate workshops, in places as far as Vermont, California and South Carolina.

All these amazing workshop opportunities require different types of planning, preparing, and lots of traveling between studios. They also require that I stay healthy, strong, and grounded so that I bring 100% of myself to each workshop and session. As time has passed, I realize that I am spreading myself too thin. I’m increasingly tired, and running out of hours to promote and market my workshops. In addition, I am a mother, a step-mom, dog mom, wife, daughter, aunt, friend, teacher and healer. My self-care game is getting stronger, and with that comes this voice that’s saying “Psst, you’re doing too much.”

My breathwork teacher, David Elliott, say “Where attention goes, energy flows.” There couldn’t be a truer statement. My attention cannot be in so many places at once. During my time in L.A., I gained a lot of clarity. I looked deep inside myself to discover what direction my path was taking. I have made the choice to do less, and do it with more intention. That said, I’ve made the bittersweet decision to give up teaching my yoga classes at Rock River. I am grateful for the opportunity Ken gave me when he hired me back in July. I love the students so much (sO much), the new space is dreamy, and the practice is wonderful, but I need more time to plan than my schedule allows. This change will allow me to really focus on my breathwork circles and Mind Body Melt (MBM) meditation classes.

I feel sadness over the forfeiting of my cozy classes and beloved students. I will miss having the ability to help them see and feel the beauty of their bodies and spirits; those things have made this decision so much harder. I will miss co-creating with Diana McElroy (who’s been teaching the class before mine on Mondays) and miss getting my weekly life updates from my students. But when the voice inside started to get louder, I knew it was time. And then, I read this article from my teacher, Erin Telford, and it was like the Universe was urging me along with a giant, smirky, “See?”

After teaching my MBM class in LA (clearly, it was a powerful trip) earlier this month, I realized that this class needs to grow. People need guided meditation, body-led movement, and some time to focus on their breath. These classes are growing, and the great thing about these classes is that they incorporate all of the things that I love the most: gentle movement/stretches, restorative yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. I am adding a once a month Sunday evening class to my schedule this December, at RiversEdge Holistic Health & Wellness.

Between the circles and private clients, I am incredibly grateful for it all. I am feeling Spirit-led, and the direction that I am heading in requires that I make more space for what is yet to unfold.

There are only so many hours in a day, and I have noticed that it’s not just teaching and facilitating that takes time, it’s the mental energy involved in planning and continued education to learn new skills. I am increasing my focused training in breathwork, meditation and restorative yoga, and I’m collaborating with sound healers like Judit Duran, Tracy Hart, and Cathy Marchese; Brooklyn astrologer Jennifer Kissling; CBD educator Allison Mauro; Julie Grodsky, Kripalu Yoga Teacher; and Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer Lauren Mooney for local workshops… and an intergalactic retreat. Lots of great stuff ahead.

I preach about self-care, and it’s time for me to practice it. In the coming months, I will be focusing on breathwork, and on building my tribe of Mind Body Melters. I will be offering yoga workshops and special events (including the retreat - see my December newsletter for details) this spring, but for now, I am moving with the season and turning inward, taking the time to focus on where my energy desires to flow.

I hope you will join me on this beautiful journey.

tiffany curren