Melting In LA


I will be celebrating my 49th birthday in Los Angeles.

When I first discovered that David Elliott’s Level 3 training was being held the weekend before my birthday — in Los Angeles — I never thought I’d be heading there. But the breath takes me away, and I knew that I had to jump in on training at this level, as soon as I could. Waiting was not an option for me.

I have always been fond of breathing techniques. For as long as I can remember, I was drawn to the breath. I got certified, through ACE (during my personal training days), to teach a variety of breathing techniques, including (but not limited to) alternate nostril breathing, diaphragmatic, breath retention, and more. I would see clients once a week, for six weeks, and each visit we would discuss one type of breath, and then they would practice that for the remainder of the week.

It felt wonderful to be giving someone the power and understanding of controlling the thing that keeps them alive, their breath.

As a dancer, I always understood the importance of breath control. I always knew how to properly inhale and exhale (you’d be surprised how many people struggle with this). I never thought much about it until I saw my grandmother trying to use and inhaler to get medicine into her lungs, and failing. I tried cueing her every way possible, digging deep to find ways to explain how to just breathe to her. It was a while before I finally helped her understand how to drop the breath deep into her lungs, but witnessing it sure was incredible.

I never wanted see anyone to struggle like that, again.

I devoted myself to studying the breath, different forms of pranayama, including more active practices like Kapalabhati. Ujjayi breath is my most favorite. It’s warming, steadying and powerful, but I cannot say that’s why I like it (all good reasons, though). It simply has always resonated with me. I always, always turn to the breath to steady myself, get my thoughts together, and key down.

When I found the breathwork (that I currently practice actively) to facilitate emotional release, I was bowled over. It healed so much as such a rapid pace. I no longer needed to take Xanax for anxiety — I no longer HAD anxiety. This strong, powerful breath that rolled through my body and moved out what no longer served me. It cleared so much stagnant energy out and created space for new possibilities. It allowed my subconscious mind to send me messages that I needed in a way that I could both handle and understand. I felt the energy move through my body, I got tingly, and I found that it left me with a crazy, natural high.

So, as the November dates kept poking at me, I felt compelled to turn back to the thought of going to LA. I couldn’t decide. I took myself to a quiet space, dropped into the breath, and tuned in to my intuition to see what I really desired. And then, after I allowed it all to integrate, I went to the computer to book my flight.

Divine things happen, just like that. They happen when we trust the Universe, and as Erin Telford once said, we “take the brakes off.”

One friend, upon hearing I was heading to LA, reached out to ask if we could practice yoga together. Another friend and I connected over my Mind Body Melt class, and now I will be teaching one (to benefit Hollywood Schoolhouse) on the day of my arrival.

I learned that when we follow the breath, relax into the flow of the Universe, and trust our intuition and intention, everything aligns.

tiffany curren