Soulography and the End of the Body Negative


"It's not too late to get a beach body," says the promotion. Lose 10 lbs. fast, 30 days to a slimmer you, Best exercises for flat abs. And on and on. I am barraged with ads, messages via email, even YouTube alerts featuring the new hot videos on how to get a summer body.

It's no wonder I feel bad about my body. 

In short, the ads are telling me that I am not enough unless I am a certain size. I've always bought in. I've tried the exercises, then caved and eaten Justin's Peanut Butter cups by the pack. I've done the shakes, only to end up becoming sensitive to dairy (yes, whey).

And it's not about health. My blood pressure has been averaging about 114/70, my cholesterol is normal (with the good HDL being nice and high), all bloodwork is normal and my heart is ticking as it should, knock wood.

It's enough, I think, to be enough as I am. Yes, the rolls around the waist. Yes, the extra chin and puffed cheeks. Yes, all the extras. Why? Because I am doing my best, working hard, enjoying my family, my three awesome pups, and FOOD. I'm not bingeing on Doritos (though I am also not judging, just not my thang), but I am really enjoying stuffed grape leaves, hummus on rice crackers, and granola. And don't get me started on Whole Food's Thai Chili Cashews. 

I've spent forty something years beating myself up, and up until this morning, the spiral was heading downward. So I was surprised when, at the beach today, one very special woman, along with a humpback whale, changed the game for me.

Read my article in Elephant Journal to see what happened, and why I believe that you are perfect, exactly as you are by clicking here.

Photography: Dani McDonald

tiffany curren