Breathwork changed everything.

When I was just a small girl, my family and I visited my Aunt Prabha at an ashram in Connecticut. I was standing outside in the sun, when an old man with a long beard approached me. He knelt down, smiled at me, and then lifted me high above his head. As his smile widened, he bestowed upon me the name Shakti Prema. This loosely translates to divine love, or divine light. The man was spiritual master, Swami Satchidananda, the founder of Integral Yoga®, and I believe this moment was divine. It altered my trajectory and landed me on a path of spirituality based healing modalities. Yet, it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I began helping others learn how to transform themselves.


My path began with fitness.

In 2006, knowing that health was my ultimate guide, I got certified though ACE as a personal trainer and, after realizing that I wanted to teach groups, I got group fitness certified. I worked with pre- and post-natal women, with women who felt uncomfortable at the gym and wanted to stay fit through pregnancy, training with Julie Tupler in NYC to learn her famed Tupler Technique. As my work deepened, I learned that the people I worked with wanted — more than to be thin or fit — to feel empowered, and that their struggles weren’t with their bodies as much as they were with the messages that they told themselves.

Breathwork was the thing that changed the game.

Before I began the practice, I believed that I was damaged. I allowed my old traumas to define me. Through my breathwork healer training with Erin Telford and David Elliott, I learned that my traumas are what make me so strong. I’ve been to awful places and have come through stronger, smarter, and with countless lessons. My wounds provide me the ability to walk into the darkness with my head held high, because I know that I bring the light. I hold it in my heart and in my spirit. I believe that, without these experiences, I wouldn’t really be able to meet you in your place of pain. The experiences of my past allow me the ability to hold safe space for people processing really difficult, scary, sad emotions with confidence. I am not afraid. I can handle what you need to release. I am comfortable witnessing your expressions of grief, fear, shame, and anger, and I will also celebrate with you as you come into your power, laugh with you at your joyful realizations, and witness you in your moments of glory. I will bask in your glow as you sing like an angel. I’ll walk with you all the way. I’m here for you, standing grounded and strong, so that you can facilitate your own healing. I’ll hold safe space for you.

My Credentials

All of the classes that I teach or facilitate link the breath to the body, and tap into the mind’s messages. If you are looking to change your life, or even tweak it, reach out to me. Join me for yoga, movement, meditation, Reiki and Breathwork. I am a Certified Breathwork Healer, having trained with both Erin Telford and David Elliott. I am a Reiki practicioner, having trained with Carol Anne Patterson, Reiki Master. I am a 200 hr RYT, also certified in Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, and Children’s Yoga.

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