Breathwork is an active meditation using a two-part pranayama that will deepen your self-knowledge, release stuck energy, and let go of the messages that no longer serve you. You can release anxiety, limiting thought patterns, and even experience an emotional release. 

Make space for love, inner peace and all the good things in life. Connect back to the deepest part of your soul, and rediscover your true self. To see more about this practice, click here. 1:1, couples, virtual, and private group circles available.

Want more information? Click here to listen to this in-depth interview of my teacher, David Elliott, in the podcast, Hungry for Happiness with Samantha Skelly.

”Tiffany has such a great energy that she immediately makes you feel safe, loved and cared for. Her breathwork sessions are so powerful and she holds the space so gracefully for you that you feel completely supported in your emotional journey. I highly recommend working with her either privately or in one of her breathwork circles!” - Vita S.


This breathwork is an active pranayama that facilitates an emotional release. There is so much inside of us all that we hide from, but there is nothing to fear… we’ve already experienced it. Time to let it all go and break free of the emotional chains that keep you from living a fully authentic life. This breathing pattern creates a deep meditative state that allows a shift of thought processes, helps manage anxiety and depression, and deepens your understanding of yourself. If you are ready to change, want a clearer direction for your life, or just have a lot going on that you want to release, breathwork can help. You’ve only got one life to live, don’t you want to make it the best life ever?

A session looks like this: Up to 20 minutes of discussing what is going on in your life and things that you'd like to heal/fix/discover, followed by a guided 30 minute breath work session, and 10 minute integration.

"I see why breathwork is trending... Tiffany has a way of making me feel very supported.
Why didn’t I do this sooner? Worth the drive” - Suzanne, Hoboken, NJ

A virtual session looks like this:
Through a private Zoom call, we will have up to 20 minutes of discussing what is going on in your life and things that you'd like to heal/fix/discover, followed by a guided 30 minute breath work session, and 10 minute integration.

”Our virtual breathwork session surprised me by literally allowing me to release heavy and prohibitive thoughts and feelings that were clouding my choices and actions. It literally released emotional roadblocks throughout my body and out my feet! I felt it and it released such a sense of calm. “ - Kathy, Grand Rapids, MI

A couple’s session looks like this: The duo (romantic partners, OR parent/child OR sisters/brothers OR business partners, etc. (all relationships welcome)) moves through a guided exercise to gently tackle sticky/uncomfortable energy, then both people lay side by side to breathe through the session together. This gentle practice helps lessen or diminish sticking points in relationships, an open the lines of communication.

“I decided to have a 1:1 breathwork session with Tiffany to help facilitate my healing and try to move negative, stagnant energy out of my body. The session brought up many memories that have been stored in my body. Within the safety of Tiffany's care, I was able to engage with these memories safely without experiencing significant distress or discomfort. The change in my mood, thoughts, and over all demeanour was tangible to me after just one session. Tiffany was amazing! Making me feel open and comfortable. She gave me the ability to let go and relax into the breath work even though it was my first time with the experience. She is professional, gentle, kind and very intuitive, after the session giving me important insight that I was able to take with me going forward. I decided to book another session with Tiffany to continue my work. I can only describe breathwork as life-changing and cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Judi - New Jersey