Finding space in the mind through meditation allows the body to relax, release and remove unnecessary stress, thoughts and ideas that keep us tied down. The good news is that there are many ways to meditate, and sitting quietly is only one of many. Together, we will walk the path to a peaceful, quiet mind.

“An hour of being present, in the moment, and gathering myself for the week ahead. This class is amazing in so many ways, and Tiffany has a true gift for facilitating this internal quiet that is incredibly calming. There’s nothing intimidating about this class - even for beginners like me!” - Sharron A.

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The idea of meditation is challenging and sometimes boring to people because they have a hard time sitting quietly. I offer lots of options to find your best method, including guided meditation, walking meditation , gratitude meditation and more.

Private sessions available in my office in Boonton, or at your location. Booking for small and large groups, corporate, and events also available. Please contact with questions and for pricing information.