Breathwork is an active meditation using a two-part pranayama that will deepen your self-knowledge, release stuck energy, and let go of the messages that no longer serve you. You can release anxiety, limiting thought patterns, and even experience an emotional release. 

Make space for love, inner peace and all the good things in life. Connect back to the deepest part of your soul, and rediscover your true self.


Private Breathwork Session

90 MINUTES  $150.00 

A session looks like this: Up to 20 minutes of discussing what is going on in your life and things that you'd like to heal/fix/discover, followed by a guided 30 minute breath work session, and 10 minute integration.

Couples Breathwork Session

75 MINUTES  $175 

The duo (romantic partners, OR parent/child OR sisters/brothers OR business partners, etc. (all relationships welcome)) moves through a guided exercise to gently tackle sticky/uncomfortable energy, then both people lay side by side to breathe through the session together. This gentle practice helps lessen or diminish sticking points in relationships, an open the lines of communication.


Virtual Breathwork

75 MINUTES $150.00

 Virtual Breathwork is only available as a 1:1 session. You will receive a message with information to how to load and prepare for your session. Virtual Sessions held via Zoom.

Group Breathwork Session

Contact me for pricing.

A guided meditation experience can be part of a wellness day event, corporate functions, or festivals. 

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Why Breathwork…

Want more information? Listen to my interview with my teacher, David Elliott, in my podcast, Access + Expand.

5 Class Package

5 private 1 on 1 Breathwork Sessions with Tiffany Curren. A savings of 20%.



Breathwork Location

Private sessions available in my office in Boonton New Jersey, or I will travel to a yoga studio.