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yoga . meditation . breath

Move your body. Quiet your mind. Take a deep breath.
Reconnect with your authentic self and find your true purpose.
As a wise woman once told me, life is short but it is also long.
You have time to come back to you, and that time is now.

Let me be your guide. I’ll hold safe space for you.





Tiffany Curren

When I was just a small girl, my family and I visited my aunt at an ashram in Connecticut. I was standing outside in the sun, when an old man with a long beard approached me. He knelt down, smiled at me, and then lifted me high above his head. As his smile widened, he bestowed upon me the name Shakti Prema. This loosely translates to divine love, or divine light.

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After hearing that breathwork is the hot new meditation/healing modality, I thought I would give it a try. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was surprised by how active the breathing was. I had dream like visions and received deep messages. It was so beautiful. Now I see why breathwork is trending. I’ve already had a follow-up session, and it was so different than the first. Tiffany has a way of making me feel very supported. Why didn’t I do this sooner?
— Suzanne, Hoboken, NJ
I don’t do yoga and hadn’t done any breathwork. I booked an appointment out of curiosity. When I started to breathe, all these thoughts started to pop into my head. I felt like I was floating. I was visited by people who I’ve lost, got big hugs from them (literally, felt the hugs), and found so much love. I had NO IDEA I was going to have all that happen. I’ve already booked another session and can’t wait to see what’s in store.
— Laura, Upper Montclair, NJ
I thought everything in the Mind Body Melt class was great. The wall mediation, hands on assist, quotes, emphasis on loving yourself and the little candies at the end were all amazing in addition to the gentle stretching and movement which was linking to the breath.”

”This Mind Body Melt class was flawless- there is not much that could get me out on a Sunday evening.”

”To me, Mind Body Melt is the perfect combination of stretching, breathing, meditation, savasana, a little bit of everything so it doesn’t get boring. Love the adjustments at the end, the lavender, the ginger- love love love!
— Anonymous via Survey Monkey

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