Tiffany’s healing energy allows
you to feel safe when doing such intense and integrating work. Her tone and the way that she holds space allows for all the magical components of Breathwork to release so much even in one session. I highly recommend this amazing soul healer.
— Dani M. , new jersey

Tiffany is the most caring individual I know. She provides a safe environment for everyone (new and old). Her voice is calming and she speaks from the heart. You will not be disappointed taking one of her classes, guaranteed relaxation and centering of the mind and body.
— Karen M, new Jersey

I was a little nervous about trying breath work, but intrigued. I took my first breath work work shop with Tiffany and it was incredible! She guided us in a beautiful safe space. I was able to release so much I didn’t even know I was holding on to. I left lighter; feeling open to all the world had to offer. What a wild and amazing experience of self care. I signed up for another group session with Tiffany, and it did not disappoint.
— Donna B, New Jeresy

Yesterday, I had my first individual breathwork session with Tiffany. She welcomed me in her beautiful and cozy space with a big smile. She made me feel at home right away, she is so nurturing and caring that you feel like you are with someone that you have known for years. The whole experience was so beautiful from the start to the end. The breathwork helped me released so many layers of stored pain and stress from childhood. I felt so light after the session! Light as a feather. The essential oils that she used made me feel at ease. She also used crystals and gave me some Reiki. I can’t wait to go back! I highly recommend her
— Judit D. New Jerey

Tiffany holds solid space. Clearly guiding the group towards the most intimate internal exploration of self. She knows exactly what to say at the right time, while giving space for each participant to come in to their own. The energy she orchestrated in the group was infectious and kicked up so much emotional dust for me personally. If you are looking to shake up your life, Tiffany is your woman.
— Krista R. Ottowa

Tiffany is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable healer. Her warm and welcoming aura truly invited me in to experience my own healing. I was a little nervous before my breath work session but also had a feeling that it would be very revealing and healing. She has held space for me in all of her authenticity and was a great instructor for breath technique. Anything Tiffany does truly brings light, offer yourself the gift of getting to know this incredible person and healer.
— Julie G, CALIfornia

I have attended three breathwork workshops with Tiffany. Each experience was individual to its own but connected in that they were progressive steps along my path to heal and understand the emotions released during the process. Experiencing very powerful releases and a connection to another soul in the first two and sharing an incredible feeling of absolute bliss during my third. I have freed myself of things that were weighing me down and I just keep stepping forward from a better balance point. Tiffany’s instruction during the process allowed me to transcend into a deeper state of awareness, release and freedom. Simply amazing experiences. Namaste...
— Robert V, New Jersey

I recently had a one on one session with Tiffany, she is truly an incredible breath-work healer. I had a transformative and healing experience that I will never forget. I highly recommend this powerful mode of healing.
— Nora O, New York